Monday, April 1, 2013

Tayte and Tenerys Coral and Caribbean blue wedding...

So remember how I ALWAYS say I get overwhelmed and then I get behind on stuff so I get more overwhelmed and more behind...well this is one of those things! It was almost a year ago now I swear and I still haven't recovered on the project level! But I am getting there. I just thought I would share a little of what I did to get so overwhelmed...happily overwhelmed! :)
 I didn't take this picture but...I can take credit for the hair! Ha ha both of them...such a cute happy couple! This was when we were melting in Mesa!
 Someone else had these doors so that was lucky. They were just three old doors crudely painted and hinged together with 2x4's cut and screwed onto the back to support it standing up! I added the paper doily bunting (from my sisters wedding) and just hung some pictures...we also had their initials hanging from ribbon on the side from a sign hanger!
 When my mac fried I lost all the pictures i had taken of how I did these to make a tutorial but it is pretty easy we just collected whine bottles and any clear bottle really and painted the inside I mixed various oranges and pinks to get different coral shades you put paint in and shake and tilt until it is all covered then stand up in like a cardboard box to dry!
 For the open house my mother in law wanted a backdrop so we made one on the cheap...with the paper doily bunting (my favorite thing!) and some flowers hot glued onto fishing line it was actually so pretty! We suspended it between two pieces of pvc. It was EASY!
These are my cute kiddos bearing the 118 degree weather in Mesa! I made Hinkley's headband always fun for an excuse to put her in something extravagant like that! Again my tutorial pics got fried away...but put simply you make different kinds of fabric flowers grab some buttons, pearls, feathers whatever tickles your fancy and arrange on top of a felt piece and glue in place then trim felt and add a headband or clip to the back!

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