Friday, February 1, 2013

Cleaning Upholstery (and my awesome thrift find!)

So...I realized my head I am such a good blogger! You should see the posts! I do so many things, recipes, projects, etc., that I never document and I also have so many things I start to document then never post. Yeah if I could post everything I do I would have a blog over flowing is what it is. 
This is something however I just had to share! I was at my local DI and saw two sea colored beauties I couldn't pass up! I have wanted to do my living room forever! And I am starting to snatch things up as I can so this is where I am starting! There are two squatty chairs and I love them! But they were dusty and had a few scary spills on them so I had to clean it up and hope for the best! I reasearched some DIY upholstery cleaning and came up with a simple solution!

First, I vacuumed it like crazy! I did it in all different directions and sprinkled baking soda on the seat cushions to add a little extra  oomph...and that brightened them up quite a bit then I clean cleaned them. I took 2 cup warm water to 1/4 cup blue dawn and whipped it up for about 2 min to get a foam that I blotted on the fabric and blotted back off after a few minutes with a clean damp cloth. i had to rinse my cloth off a few times because it seemed dingy but that seemed like a good thing.  I used a little extra foam and a soft bristled toothbrush on the more scary spots...and did not have a problem! They cleaned up beautifully! 

I can't wait to find the rest of what I don't know I have to have for my living room and get it all together to show you!

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