Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner Rolls- with a surprise

So for the first time ever my Parents will not be home to see on Thanksgiving which is weird but leave it to my amazing mother...she made sure to have a dinner before they left and the we could have her rolls! In her wisdom she knew it would just not be Thanksgiving without her rolls. Whenever there is an event she is asked to bring the rolls. They are those rolls in our family. First they were Grandma Greens and now they are hers and they are amazing. Yummy! And this year she did something really cool! She rolled little pieces of paper into them that said "I am thankful for..." It was so fun to sit down and see who got rolls with them in them! We all ate like seven rolls so there was a lot of love going around. And the perfect way to really get the thanks rolling. It was so fun!

How to make the paper hold up when you cook the rolls is by buttering it! Melt some butter and brush it over the paper with a basting brush. then whether you fold or roll your rolls cut it up and put them in! It was really so fun to have that I think it is a tradition we will keep up!

And as a parting gift the roll recipe:

Grandma Greens Hot Rolls

5 cups milk
6 tble sugar
2 tble salt
1 cube butter

Heat half of the milk; add sugar, butter, and salt and other half of the milk; while warm (not hot) add:

2 tble yeast, let sit for a few minutes add 3 beaten eggs

Gradually Mix in 14-16 cups of flour.

Let rise, Mix down and let rise a 2nd time. Roll out and use pizza cutter to cut (if rolling like crescents) or use a cup/cookie cutter to cut in a circle and fold in half; place on pan, let rise.

Bake approximately 20 minutes at 350. Makes 50 rolls. 
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