Thursday, October 11, 2012

Man in the Yellow Hat & George...and a little Mermaid!

So I have disappeared again...I know I am seriously lame just not good at doing the whole hop on the computer fast thing (I loose my whole nap time) so when I have something going on I just stay away! The most recent thing I had was we went to DISNEYLAND! Yay it was amazing and so so much fun and I just want to go back! I do...but alas I cant so I thought I would get back into the bloggin life.

I wanted to share our last years Halloween costumes...and forgive me I am a freak I am so nervous about putting my kiddos out there...I trust all of you people it everyone else ha ha! No I am sure I will relax soon but until then I find the pics where you can't see the kiddos faces or I doodle masks on them again weirdo I know! Please forgive me! But last year Flint loved Curious George and still does so I enlisted my good sport of a hubby to dress up as man in the yellow hat with him! They were adorable! Everywhere we went; every carnival, around the neighborhood I felt like i was with a celebrity couple! it was so funny! So when we did Disneyland this year and decided to do the trick or treating they had to be it again! And if I had a dollar for every time someone took his picture (whether they asked or thought they were being sneaky) I would have been able to pay for Disneyland! Seriously people love them! It also helps I am sure that the hubs is tall and skinny and dark haired...but they are perfect! So cute! So I just had to share how we threw it together:

And last year Hink was at that baby stage where I could totally confine her and she was thrilled so of course it had to be a mermaid! And if you are into matching your kids like apparently I am I dressed up as a scuba diver...but she was nice and cozy because I cut an old bath robe into a triangle and sewed tulle on top of that (from the bottom up) and sewed it into a cone and slid her right in! She loved it and I didn't have to buy a thing! So this was last years Halloween! I will share this years soon!

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  1. I'd love a tutorial on how you made the hat! It's the best one I've seen!


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