Monday, August 13, 2012

Simple twist half up hairstyle I have been missing FOREVER!!! I KNOW! I have never been good at getting on and blogging when I have a million other things going on...which is all the time so when I have ten million things going on it apparently just doesn't happen! But I have done a million things just haven't documented...all I have posted it seems is cooking things...and while that is something I do the most I also have a ton of crafty projects i have done and do all the time. So I will get better at getting all of those up. My problem is pictures...I am usually doing things in a rush while one or both of my kiddos sleeps so I forget to take pictures of progress...oh well...

But I figured that something else you can count on me doing pretty regularly is my hair...hopefully. I honestly probably cook more than I do my hair but don't tell anyone...seeing as I am a hair stylist and all. Ha ha but you will laugh so I tried documenting while I was in the process and the pictures are funny. They are pretty terrible...but lucky for you I snagged my sister to take the last one...and it was at the end of the day and still holding up!

So this is a favorite second (or third) day hairstyle. It great for when you still have some curl or wave in your hair but it will not hold up on its own without going flat and letting everyone know your dirty hair secret! three hair...I know I know...My excuse is I don't want to dry it out...
 I went with a more centered part to keep my twists a more even size.
So first things first give it a good brushing and backcomb the top to your liking....the hairspray will also help dry up any excess oil! 
 Smooth out to desired look the backcombing underneath just helps hold the volume and shape...

 Grab the front chunk of your hair and start twisting it away from your face moving your hand down and gathering more hair along the way as you go. This will keep it loose and adding hair will help it up. You can twist it as loose or tight as you like I typically like it more loose in the front.
 Twist all the way past the middle of your head because you want them to criss cross each other.

Secure with a bobby pin or two or three :) before starting other twist.

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