Wednesday, March 28, 2012

...treats in a can...

 I have a neighbor who always is helping me out and she loves Jelly bellys....and sure enough one day in church she was helping me out and Flint ate all of her jelly bellys so I thought what a fun set up for a thank you!!! Jelly bellys are way cheaper in bulk but not a giftable set up so I did this:

GIFT IN A CAN! YAY! So exciting and so easy! All you need is a can any kind, pop top classic whatever! A can opener that takes the lid off and doesn't cut (VERY IMPORTANT) a treat to fill it with and something to cute it up!

1. a can you opened from the bottom
(cleaned and ready for treats of course)

2. Fill can with treats or goodies of your choice

3. glue (don't use hot glue) around rim of can to seal wipe of excess and put something heavy on it until dry

4. Make it your own kind of pretty! Cut out paper ribbons laceI used a personal favorite (TWINE) and glue it all down! Hot glue is nice because its fast... but I have loved using glue dots too!

5. Deliver the smiles that will surely come along with such a fun way to get anything!


  1. FANTASTIC IDEA, girl! I'm pinning this now!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing on Thursday's Treasures Week 33. It's open all week if you would like to share again. ;D I hope you will join next week's Thursday's Treasures as well. <3 and hugs!

  3. I love how you decorated this and I'd never thought to remove the bottom of the can, how smart!


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