Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cake batter waffles! Fun for leap year!

Well, I had the huge desire to do something fun for my kiddo's for leap year! I just couldn't come up with anything...then I thought...cake for breakfast? Totally doable and special (Except for when there is someone's leftover bday kids just don't get it. I do. Dang.) and then I thought...What is even better?! Cake batter waffles?! With ice cream?! Yes. Winner winner, thats what I was making and just as easy as regular waffles. And totally toddler approved! The hard part will be trying to explain it to him when he asked for it again tomorrow.

Cake Batter Waffles

1 cake mix, mix according to directions omitting one cup of water and adding 1/4 cup of oil. Mix and cook in waffle iron. Serve with ice cream or frosting or whip cream or all of the above!

I could only justify ice cream...also it is my favorite and it was tasty! It would be a fun QUICK easy cake or dessert for any time! But the perfect breakfast for leap year!

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