Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fork Bouquet/Picture Holder

Ok, so I have wanted something on my table for a while…I want a table runner (frankly I think it would just be more motivation to clean up after breakfast J) but I also wanted something to put on my table that was cute and lighthearted. Was there such a thing no…so that is why I made one!!! All in under five steps and for under five dollars! I love it! I plan on printing off little pictures from the previous year and printing them out seasonally.  Adorable right?!

You need:

Pitcher or vase
Floral foam or Styrofoam

I found my vase at Michaels and had a coupon so it was totally inexpensive the silverware I got at the DI for a couple bucks along with my floral foam and I chopped an old sweater to cover it.

So once you find your vase and silveware:

1.     1. Cut foam to fit inside,  you can dice it as long as there is a solid piece for the top that fits in firmly
2.     2. Arrange your spoons and forks in various heights so if you put pics in you can see them better.
3.     3. Cut a bigger chunk of fabric than you would think just so you can squish in on there and give it nice dimension (you can always cut more off0.
4.     4. Cut random slits in your fabric to slide over the silverware.
5.     5. Bunch where you want and use pins to secure it and walah!!!

YOU’RE DONE! Cute right? I have loved it!

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